Famous '90s sitcom,The Real World, makes its TeeVee debut tonight! A bunch of prudes, gays, alcoholics and racists all lived under one roof right here in Washington DC, and it was amazing. They did things like eat and drink at chain restaurants, consume large amounts of illegal drugs (probably), and when not in their Love Sacks helped heal the world. Hopefully they beat each other a lot too, because that's just fun! Did you see them? Maybe you met their camera crew? Maybe YOU got filmed and will be on the TeeVee on this fantastic MTV show! Where to catch the first episode:

  • BlackFinn: The Real World cast, including Ty, Ashley, Callie and Emily (whoever the fuck they are) will be at the BlackFinn for this official viewing party. And so will some blogger who chased them around DC, and Chris Wiggins of the Twitter handle RealWorldDCNewz, who followed their every move even though no one asked him too. The party starts at 8PM and drink specials include $3 Coors Light bottles and $5 house wines.  [Metromix]
  • Tatoo Bar: Cast member Josh will be at this viewing party at Tattoo Bar along with his D.C. rock band, Wicked Liquid. Naturally, there will be a VIP reception, where $20 gets you complimentary Absolut Vodka beverages, and the opportunity to meet the band. Otherwise tickets are $5. Party starts at 9PM. [Wicked Liquid]
  • Nellie's Sports Bar: BYT is hosting a premier party tonight with the 'BYGays' at Nellie's. The gays on the show hung out at Nellie's, so it's as if they will be right there watching with you! Show starts at 10PM; get there early for a seat. [Brightest Young Things]
  • Halo: On the off chance that you just NEED more Real World after watching the first episode, Metromix DC and Mike Manning (another cast member!) are hosting an after-party at Halo. Anyone can go, but there are special perks for those who come from the party at the BlackFinn. [Halo]

Show starts at 10PM on MTV, Channel 73. Happy Watching.


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