‘Real World’ Republicans Demand To Know Why Nancy Pelosi Didn't Stop Jan. 6 Riots

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‘Real World’ Republicans Demand To Know Why Nancy Pelosi Didn't Stop Jan. 6 Riots

Traditionally, Valentine's Day is a day that is replete with internet cringe. Usually some terrible anti-feminist so-and-so has terrible and misogynistic advice to share, or Gwyneth Paltrow is out there trying to get people to steam clean their vaginas, MGTOWs are doing something particularly pathetic or there's some kind of hate read of some kind going around. Today? Nothing. In fact, here's just another ordinary day.

Guess it's just another COVID side effect. Alas! It doesn't really seem like anything. I, for one, did not even bother to do Valentine's-Day-specific nail art, if you can believe that. (Although I do have this super cute heart sweater that I may bust out later, if I am feeling festive)

Of course, some people are still getting romantic or at least doing couple-y things. Like Sean Duffy and Rachel Campos-Duffy, who swung by Fox News today to ask some very serious questions about the January 6 coup. Like What did Nancy Pelosi know and when did she know it?!? And What were Democrats trying to hide by not calling witnesses?

Text, via Media Matters:

WILL CAIN (CO-HOST): Why did they neglect to call witnesses? They could have drug this thing out further. Why didn't they, Rachel?

RACHEL CAMPOS-DUFFY ( FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR): Will, that's a great question and frankly when all of that came out I was like great, let's get witnesses, and it's so funny how quickly everything shut down as soon as the question of bringing up Nancy Pelosi as a witness was brought up. Look to me, this brought into focus that this was all backwards. We needed a full investigation before this show trial, before this impeachment. And this process brought that to focus. I also think the other point that is not brought up and was part of why they did this is that this was not just about humiliating Donald Trump and his supporters or even silencing them. I think this was about making an example out of Donald Trump. Any rising stars in the GOP who are populist, who might possibly challenge the establishment, any businessmen out there who are wealthy, and think, maybe I will be the next Donald Trump, and I will take on these guys. Oh, boy, this was about sending a message. This is exactly what we will do to you. We have the power. We won't just defeat you with everything that you read about in that horrible Time magazine piece where we learned what big tech and everybody else did to take down, and big business, to take down Donald Trump. But we're going to get you even after you're out of office. This was a message to anybody challenging establishment power.

PETE HEGSETH (CO-HOST): Great point.

SEAN DUFFY (CONTRIBUTOR): Hey Will, if you dig too deep, I don't think Democrats wanted to see what we were going to find. What did Nancy Pelosi know? When did she know it? If she knew that there was attack on Capitol, why didn't she secure it earlier? Why didn't she bring in the National Guard? What did Mitch McConnell know? What did AOC know?

CAMPOS-DUFFY: Or Mayor [Muriel] Bowser know?

DUFFY: That's right. They don't want to look there, Pete. They want to keep the focus on Donald Trump, not on what they didn't do to protect the Capitol, Will.

That is quite the interpretation of events! It's nice to see that after all these years together, they are still both equally terrible. I mean, that's not nothing. You can't say they don't get each other.

Their theory here, it seems, is that practically all of the Democrats had advanced knowledge that Donald Trump was going to order his people to go storm the capitol and kept that information to themselves just because they wanted to make Donald Trump look bad so that they could impeach him and ruin his life and humiliate him and his followers — and they didn't care what the consequences of that would be.

Also... Democrats decided not to do witnesses because then Trump's lawyers could have been like "Nancy Pelosi! Are you a witch with the power to predict the actions of violent Trump supporters — or are you perhaps even able to control their actions with your mind?" and then if she said no, they could bust out the dunking stool and then really see what was what.

It only makes sense!

Anyway! This is your Valentine's open thread, and it is brought to you by Kyle Maclachlan being perfect.

And also this meat.

Talk amongst yourselves!

[Media Matters]

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