Reality Cable Show Announced For Daughter of Reality Cable Person

Reality Cable Show Announced For Daughter of Reality Cable Person

Oh look, one of those basic cable reality-teevee families is getting another reality show. And we are posting it, because that is apparently what we do here, which is yet another reason why we are all washing our hands of this daily deluge of mental sewage and walking away, with a smile of relief on our faces and a song in our hearts. It is truly time to leave the Internet, isn't it? Wouldn't you rather be reading a nice book, outside on your "coffee break" or whatever? Wouldn't it be fun to destroy your televisionwith your computer?

We actually started this post with yet another screenshot of some cracker wingnut on Twitter threatening to kill President Obama and then dumping the slain president's body at the site of the World Trade Center and then encouraging other wingnuts to visit the corpse and defecate on it. Honestly. But we are just too weary of this constant idiot nonsense. So, we pasted in this screenshot from the New York Times website, instead, about what's her name, the cow-demon lady, and her teen-mom daughter. This is the soundtrack to the apocalypse.

Or not! You really can just walk away, from the Internet. If you're using the Internet to escape an unpleasant reality during the daytime hours -- a miserable job, for example -- you can also quit your job, and spend those daylight hours doing something that makes you happy. Happy! There are many such things, depending on your tastes. We know, we know, there are not a lot of jobs out there, and this is maybe not a good time in World History to be seeking another one. Still, it's not like you get another life. This is it. [New York Times]


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