Reasons to Invade? We Got Lots of 'Em!

Gosh, the Bush team is sort of running out reasons they invaded Iraq, no? First it's they've got WMDs, then it's that they were in the process of manufacturing WMDs, now, if we understand The Amazing Cheney right, Saddam was thinking about manufacturing WMDs. If that gets struck down, we hear the administration is going to go with "he told this guy my cousin knows that he was thinking about manufacturing WMDs." Well, we hate to see a perfectly good invasion get marred by, oh, a complete lack of justification, so we thought we'd suggest some other things about Saddam that the president, at least, might find reason enough to go to war:

  1. Didn't rewind rental tape

  2. Mixed recyclables

  3. Wrote a book

  4. Reads books

  5. Throws like a girl

  6. Is too tall

  7. Fuzzy math

  8. Prevented OBGYNs from practicing their love

  9. Wanted us to pass a global test

  10. Is a BIG GAY

Bush, Cheney Concede Saddam Had No WMDs [AP/Yahoo]


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