Recession Horrors Now Quantifiable In A Variety Of Ways

  • The East and West Coasts look awful, but a thin band of reasonably good employment figures runs smack down the middle of the US. Interestingly, this is the portion of the country with basically nobody in it. [New York Times]
  • By reforming the way the government awards contracts, President Obama expects to save up to $40 billion in waste and cost overruns per year. But Mr. President WHAT ABOUT THE EARMARKS??? [Reuters]
  • The "Limbaugh is the head of the Republican party" meme has finally made it across the Atlantic. [BBC News]
  • Tim Geithner had an awkward moment yesterday when he pledged to go after people who avoid and evade taxes. [Fox News]
  • Business is booming at one Massachusetts-based wholesale club because nobody's shopping at "real" grocery stores anymore. [AP]
  • More than half the mortgages in Nevada are now underwater. [Bloomberg]

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