Reckless Justice: Judiciary Committee Hearing or Lifetime Movie?

sensenbrenner.jpgCommitee chairman Jim Sensenbrenner calls witnesses to decide once and for all if Governors are "cooler" than Congressmen. (Getty)

Hey, maybe we'll watch the second episode of RECKLESS JUSTICE: The Jim Sensenbrenner Story. The first one sounds like it was pretty entertaining.

This all seemed to wake up freshman Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Tex.). "I've been so much more concerned about the judiciary overreaching in power, and I really had not looked at the executive," he confessed. But after the "phone logs and things," he added, "I've become more concerned."

Could the self-destruction of the legislative branch be any more pathetic? Seriously, could it? We're embarrassed for them. We've become strong proponents of a strong executive branch just because it takes the pressure of Congress to have to do anything when it so clearly pains them to think about this stuff. We hear Sensenbrenner's next committee hearing will be "BENCH OF ARROGANCE: Why Won't the Judicial Branch Sit With us at Lunch?"

FBI Raid Hits a Constitutional Nerve [WP]


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