Red Chinese Commie Labor Camp ... In Washington!

Do questions need a question mark - WonketteWonkette operative Captain America spied on the massive new Chinese Embassy construction site and discovered a commie slave-labor prison camp across the street:

No one seems to be commenting on the building of the new Chinese embassy on International Drive near the Van Ness Metro stop. While the new embassy is huge and worth mention, the gigantic Communist labor camp across the street is much more amazing. From the road one can see the concrete manufacturing plant and the Motel 6-style dorms for the workers. No doubt beyond sight is the freedoms-and-liberties vacuum commonly employed on mainland China construction sites.
Who knows what will happen when they're done building the new Chinese Kremlin right here in the heart of America's Precious Freedoms. Oh, who are we kidding -- once the embassy is finished, we will bomb it.

China to build new embassy in US [Xinhua]


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