Red State Gun Grabberz: Mary Fallin Punks The NRA

Never trust this person

The NRA is steaming mad, and this time they cannot even blame those pesky liberal gun grabbers for trying to strip the God Given right of every red blooded American to take their guns any and everywhere they damn well please. No, on the contrary, the target of their never ending outrage happens to be a Red State Gun Loving Republican. Oh, my, what is this world coming to? Mary Fallin, Governor of Oklahoma has done what seems impossible in this year of our lord, 2018; she has vetoed pro-gun legislation.

Oklahoma currently requires a license to carry a firearm openly or concealed, which really pisses the NRA off. So they decided to help legislators “fix” the law by letting people 21 and older, and those in the military age 18 and older carry, openly or concealed, without license. Because, really, why not test the “good guy with a gun” theory by having the entire state become the “good guys with guns”? And, surely, law enforcement is just delighted with the idea of having no idea which concealed weapon might actually belong to a bad guy. And the business community will obviously side with the NRA on having anybody and everybody packing mad heat in a concealed manner all throughout the state. Right?

Well, not really. Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation opposed the bill, often called “constitutional carry” legislation, as did the Tulsa Regional Chamber, which Fallin cited in her reasoning for vetoing the legislation. Sadly for Fallin, the backing by the businesses who want to control who can bring guns into their establishments, and law enforcement who fear weakening background check and permit laws were not enough to sway the NRA. The NRA is not impressed with her reasons at all and they are in the mood to fight back in order to allow untrained and unlicensed “good guys with guns” to treat Oklahoma like the Wild Wild West.

Chris Cox, NRA executive director for legislative affairs says:

Make no mistake, this temporary setback will be rectified when Oklahoma residents elect a new and genuinely pro-Second Amendment governor,

Critics are all up in arms because they say Fallin is breaking her campaign promise to support constitutional carry, but Fallin, who is term limited, simply doesn’t seem to give a shit.

I believe the firearms laws we currently have in place are effective, appropriate and minimal...

So, basically, she say there are enough fucking laws and it’s easy enough to get guns, so get over it. She’s not letting the entire state turn into a mass reenactment of the shootout at the OK Corral, no matter what the NRA says.

Before you get all happy and start thinking that Fallin might be seeing the error of her ways after her years of genuflecting to the NRA, please knock it off. There has been no metamorphosis on her part; Fallin is still a right wing hater and her pen also works to strip rights away from the people she doesn't care about. At the same session where she vetoed “constitutional carry” for her state, she also signed a “religious rights” adoption bill. And by rights, we mean right to allow Christian adoption agencies to deny gay families the right to adopt children through their agencies.

The bill is scheduled to go into effect on November 1 and it is meeting with fierce resistance from LGBT groups in the state.

Executive Director Troy Stevenson from LGBT advocacy group Freedom Oklahoma says:

Make no mistake, we will fight for the most vulnerable Oklahomans targeted by this law. Our message to Gov. Fallin and the lawmakers who championed this travesty is simple: We'll see you in court!

One would think that with all of the resistance she is receiving from the massive teacher walkouts, the NRA, and humanity in general, she would try to leave a few groups alone. But like most GOP poor hating Governors, she has no problem with folks hating on Gay people. It's expected.


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