Redskin Arrested in Drunken Brawl

0710132030_Kiliona%20E%20%20Lefotu.JPGRedskins offensive lineman Kili Lofuto won't make today's game in Green Bay. Turns out he spent the first part of Friday night getting tanked, roughing up some poor bastard and redecorating a restaurant we never heard of. The second half of the night he spent in jail.

The charges include public drunkeness, assault and destruction of property (a classic weekend trifecta!). Lately his playing hasn't made news--he's been sidelined with the practice squad--but we remember the 315-pounder making headlines in last year's freaky hotel room incident where he was found unconscious. Apparently, he has some rare strain of apnea that causes him to beat the shit out of restaurant patrons in his sleep (instead of, you know, just snoring). Excellent sleep disorder defense!

Redskins Player Arrested [WUSA 9]


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