RedState Says Bigotry Is an American Tradition, But Muslims Aren't Allowed To Call This Mosque Stuff Bigotry

FAKER! He's faking!"A Free Society And The Muslim Conundrum: accept us or we will kill you": Hmm, that sounds like the title of a detached, logic-based RedState post about the reality of all this mosque stuff that finally, hopefully seems to be ending. And look, it is! It manages to justify hatred of Muslims with other things, such as the fact that some of them go to good universities that treat them with respect, or that Muslims are "complaining" despite the fact that many religious groups have faced bigotry in American history. But don't worry, mostly Muslims still just want to kill us Christian white people.

This RedState person starts the article with some good old-fashioned class hatred, quoting a Washington Post story, "Hostility across U.S. jars Muslim college students."

The story details the whining of a bunch of rich, privileged muslim kids at American University about how bad things are for them in the United States. They’re attending a private university, a university that offers a special cafeteria offering for their religious observance and they don’t see the irony of bitching about “swelling hostility.”

Because these students have found a place is intellectual and doesn't hate them and see them as the violent "other" automatically, they are not allowed to be worried about the fact that most people in this country don't want them to have religious freedom, you see.

Why else aren't they allowed to be worried?

The argument that this bigotry is somehow unusual is nothing more or less than a simple butchering of American history. This country has a long heritage of being less than welcoming to religious minorities. Bay Colony Puritans hanged Quakers. Dissenters were banished from Anglican colonies. Catholics were subjected to virtual pogroms in New York, Philadelphia and Boston in the 1840s and 1850s and the shameful legacy of anti-Catholicism is still evident in 37 states by way of the Blaine Amendments. Mormons. Jehovah Witnesses. Etc. So to say that being the object of religious hostility and bigotry makes muslims somehow unique is ridiculous.

Well, this is sort of unfair, because nobody is saying they are unique in the course of history. People are saying they are unique because Americans generally aren't this bigoted against other people's religions in the modern day. What's ridiculous is that this is 2010, and the country is still too afraid to follow its own Constitution on this matter. Or it's ridiculous that we are taking the time to argue with this goblin scrawling on its laptop in its hate cavern somewhere in the mountains of America.

Oh, and perhaps you will notice the author capitalizes all other religions but "Muslim" and "Islam" in this post. See, bloggers can fight terrorism, with their use of capitalization!

Above I mentioned the difficulties many religious minorities have had in the United States. The one thing these minorities never did was resort to violence because they weren’t welcomed everywhere. Sometimes they set up parallel institutions. Without sacrificing their religious doctrines they strove for accommodation with their neighbors. More often than not by their daily actions and behavior they gave the lie to any accusation that they weren’t loyal Americans. They also realized that our politics is analogized to a bare-knuckle fight for a reason and they actively engaged in that arena.

Oh, they never took part in any violence? Hmm. Well, this passage does seem to describe current Muslim Americans pretty well, so why does the blogger say they are different? Oh, we see, the violence thing. The implication here is that Muslim Americans "resort to violence" (i.e. 9/11), whereas other religious minorities never did. No, they certainly did not.

One hesitates with generalities because rarely are they all encompassing, but with muslims in America we are seeing a much different behavior. The attitude we are seeing is one that demands acceptance rather than acknowledging that acceptance is earned in a free society.

"Earned"? What? "Give me your huddled masses, provided they beat us in a dance battle first."

Were that attitude limited to coddled 17-year-olds on the Metro then we could laugh it off. But the fact that influential people within that community see the threat — or want us to see the threat — as real speaks to a culture that is incapable of taking criticism.

Oh, okay, this mosque shit is simply criticism. It is like a professor writing comments on your essay. (If that professor hates Muslims.) [RedState]


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