RedState Will Never Ever Ever Forgive Michael Steele, Ever


  • Erick Erickson insists upon a Great Purge to keep the GOP pure. Erick, you sick sick Stalinist bastard! [RedState]

  • Sarah Palin is "ready" to be "president," according to "Rush" "Limbaugh." [Gateway Pundit]

  • Who else is on the CIA payroll, besides Ahmed Wali Karzai and Luis Posada Carriles? The answer will not surprise you in the least. [The Plank]

  • Oh, GREAT: The terrorists get free swine flu vaccines while pregnant women and stray children are encouraged to stock up on Emergen-C and hope for the best. This is health care reform? We want America back! [Ace of Spades]

  • Remember when Bill Clinton parachuted into North Korea and whispered delicious lies into Kim Jong-il's tender ear and then saved two lady-journalists from a decade of slave labor? Yeah well, that part about Kim Jong-il never actually happened -- hot damn, it was Photoshopped! [Daily Intel]


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