RedStaters Kill The Environment By Doing Laundry, Baking


Remember that goofy"Earth Hour" that took place whenever, sometime last week, when a bunch of Australian hippies unplugged their GORP generators for an hour to save the earth? Apparently some intrepid conservatives/global warming deniers decided to use MOAR ELECTIRICETIES during that same hour, just to be dicks!

Here's some commentary from our Blog War pals over at RedState, who explain how they singlehandedly crashed America's electricity grid on Saturday night while the rest of you were outside of your homes in normal human hangout places like bars:

  • Watched a movie on the plasma, made dinner, used the laptop while charging, did all the dishes and laundry, filled the swimming pool up with the hose (it was looking a little low) all while illuminating the entire street. This had to be the most fun I’ve had in a long time, although to be honest I’ve been laid up with a torn ligament…but still!
  • I was too busy last night @ 8:30 to post my list, because I was:

    Turning on every light switch

    Unloading and reloading the dishwasher (and running it)

    Turning on the TV (but not watching)

    Working on the computer

    Doing a load of laundry

    Making sure my outside lights worked properly

    Making sure the teen’s XBox was operational

    Baking brownies

    LMAO about the fact that I cancelled out about 3 Greenies sitting in the dark!

  • I turned our closet lights on too. My husband laughed at me and said no one would see them. I said I didn’t care, I felt good because I KNEW they were on.
  • The cats’ water fountain is plugged in, and they have their own TV playing Animal Planet for their amusement.

So, basically, every housewife in Kansas spent her usual Saturday evening baking brownies and entertaining her cats, which completely infuriated Al Gore.

The Hour of Power [RedState]

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