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Sarah Palin is so mad about the NAACP's newly passed resolution -- which asks the Tea Party to get rid of its "racist elements" -- that she could just shoot a moose!

But that's hard work and doesn't involve Sarah Palin being on Fox News, so instead she went on Fox News to tell Sean Hannity that the NAACP is divisive and building "a wall between what the message actually is and the American public," because the NAACP is so terrible.

Also, Tea Partiers are beautiful, diverse folks who "don't care that [Obama is] half-white, or half-black." Behind every "Half-Muslin" and "Go Back to Africa" sign is a pair of welcoming arms, ready to embrace other races.

Most importantly, Palin provided a "call to action" for the Obamas: It's their responsibility to "refudiate" what the NAACP's hateful new resolution says about the Tea Party. Hmm, first maybe she must teach the Obamas how to refudiate? It is just a suggestion, but refudiation is a very obscure Alaskan bargaining technique (it involves fish oil and snowflakes) and is not widely taught in Chicago/Thugtown USA.

In addition to going on television, Palin has written many deep thoughts on racism and tolerance on her Facebook page in her daily New York Times column, "I Too Am Literate So Shut Up."


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