Regarding the Hacked Gawker Comment Accounts


Nobody at Gawker Media has told us anything. We only learned about it early this morning, after we returned from a Christmas party and found a mysterious mass email claiming all of Gawker Media's logins had been hacked and posted online -- including those of people who simply commented on Gawker sites.

FIRST: If you currently comment on Wonkette using the Intense Debate system, then you're not part of this Gawker thing. But if you have commented on Gawker sites -- Gizmodo, Lifehacker, Jezebel, etc. -- then it's very likely your info is floating around in some form or another. Again, we're just reading the news here. Wonkette has not been part of Gawker Media for nearly three years now.

BUT: If you're an old-timer and used to comment back in the days of Pareene/Layne, way back in 2006-2007, you will want to make sure you're not using that same username/password combination for other stuff. And if you comment on Gawker sites today, regardless if you comment on Wonkette .... well, we have no idea what anyone should do. We are hoping to hear from Gawker Media today, with some clear instructions for people who commented on those sites in the past or present. Until then, just make sure you aren't commenting on ANY website or public forum with the same login/password you use for important stuff such as banking.

Jesus christ, the Internet is just awful. All of it.

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