Relentless World War I Claims Its 68,208,171st Casualty


Not another one! This bloody war must end!

Frank W. Buckles died Sunday, sadly yet not unexpectedly at age 110 [...]

In 1917 and 1918, close to 5 million Americans served in World War I, and Mr. Buckles, a cordial fellow of gentle humor, was the last known survivor. "I knew there'd be only one someday," he said a few years back. "I didn't think it would be me."

So... the U.S. had the last man standing? We won! We did it! USA! USA! USA! Take that, kaiser!

Actually, Wikipedia says there are still two living veterans, both of them British. The Allies are the last ones standing, to be sure. But not us.

Oh. In that case, let's re-fight this war. [WP]


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