Relive WALNUTS' Big Speech In All Its Failure

John McCain'sspeech last night -- the kickoff to his general election campaign -- was, simply, constipated. Whenever he tried to make one of his "zingers," he started giggling or, as the still to your left shows, he whipped out the ol' gun-slinger gesture to recognize his four supporters (1:28 into the below clip). There was no Gravitas to his terrible lies this time, and everything was green, and he questioned the government's need to solve problems while speaking in New Orleans. Did "Cougs" Cindy slip him a percocet, or did old WALNUTS! just spend 10 minutes too long with his ether rag yesterday afternoon? Anyway, check out the comical highlight reel below, which ends with a crescendo of "Th-that's not ch-ange we can be-ee-lieve in."

[youtube expand=1]



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