Remainders: A License to Print Constitutions

"Iraqi leaders postponed by several hours today a special session to submit a draft constitution to the National Assembly, giving themselves more time to work on a document that has been plagued by what its drafters have described as 'a totally whacked out printer.'" [Reference Tone]

Chuck Schumer likes coffee ice cream and the sound of his own name. [WP]

"John Roberts is either a mad bomber of abortion clinics or a homo-tastic friend of the sodomite." [TDS @ Comedy Central]

The American Prospect pities the contributor whose "politics were drifting Rightward without me even realizing it. These things happen, I was told, and not without some sympathy." [Reason's Hit and Run]

The only reason you should care about what these people think of recent albums is that one of them will probably pick Hillary's genera-rock campaign theme. [NYM]


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