* Soledad O'Brien: Wednesday's "Hump Day Hussy." [Evil Discussor]

* Howard Kurtz thinks we are not "below reasonable standards." It feels like a compliment, but we like to think of ourselves as having no standards. [WP]

* Exhibit A: One (1) book entitled "Penis Enlarger Pumps and Me: This Sort of Thing Is My Bag," by Judge Donald D. Thompson. [AP]

* Australia: best country ever? [Australian Taxation Office]

* Can't wait to start burning flags? Watch this instructional video first. [American Films]

* If Bono thinks he can do Bush's job, maybe Bush can do his. [Google Video]

* Pentagon reverses opinion, no longer considers homosexuality a "mental disorder." New recruits considered "gay acting" still to be called "Private Snowball." [Paqe One Q]


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