Remainders: Blogging Our Way Out of a Wet Paper Bag

* We scrolled all the way to the bottom but didn't see our names. Just gonna sit here pressing F5 until we do. [FishBowlDC]

* The undisputed winner of a Pulitzer Prize for "Nerdiest Topic For a Book, Ever." [The Lost Blogs]

* Message to Nancy Pelosi from 2001: "blogs are impossible to control." [The Hill]

* Glossy magazines and blogs: a match made in a really shiny place that at least smells like heaven (thanks to all those perfume strips). [Extreme Mortman]

* Among other things Bush has stolen: illegally downloaded music, on the First iPod. President Bush: he's just like us! [Boing Boing; Bring it On]

* Speaking of the 2000 elections, Al Gore -- remember him? -- may be contemplating a comeback. Well, better Gore than Kerry. [The Daily Politics]


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