Remainders: Blogospheric Navel-Gazing, and Tom DeLay

* Hmm, interesting. Here are two more tips: craft your subject heading carefully, since we don't have time to open and read every email; and linkwhore sparingly, so you don't develop a reputation for being "the blogger who cried 'great post.'" And if your email to us vanishes into the ether, it's because your name isn't Glenn Reynolds, Arianna Huffington, or Andrew Sullivan it got caught in our spam filter. [Bad Example]

* Michelle Malkin rides coach? Say it ain't so, MM, say it ain't so! [Michelle Malkin]

* Ben Smith's new politics blog is up. [The Daily Politics]

* Tom DeLay: "Nothing worse than a woman know-it-all." [HuffPo]

* Maybe DeLay's a sexist -- but he sure did touch us all. [Gawker]


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