Remainders: Booby-Free Since 2003

· New poll: Only 15 percent of voters would re-elect President Bush. They won't have to, though -- they're Canadian. [Macleans]

· "Ten Commandments" judge won't rule out White House run. Vote Roy Moore for president and really piss the Canadians off. [World Net Daily]

·Howard Dean and Microphone of Doom: "[T]he recording, taken out of the context of the crowd noise, left the impression of a raving lunatic." [Kuro5hin]

·Michael Musto on Dem fuckability: "[E]ven Kerry has a certain Boris Karloff-y goth appeal that could be sexy after a few cocktails." [Village Voice]

· Scary, scary article on the Transportation Security Administration: "Dominate. Intimidate. Control." [Reason]


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