• Rupert Murdoch carries heads of state in his pocket, "like so many nickels and dimes." [HuffPo]

  • In order to make "Senator Katherine Harris" a reality, she'll have to succeed where the Mafia and John Kennedy failed. [The DC Universe]

  • Ohio's centuries of bad luck continues, as billboard with gross-out aborted fetus image gets flown over Cleveland. [Evangelical Right]

  • Prince "I'm Never Gonna Be King" Harry enjoys fine automobiles, Red Bull, and horseshit. [Borrowing Trouble]

  • Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney kicks off nascent presidential campaign by heading to Iowa and blurting racist comment from his honky mouth. [AP]

  • Laura Sessions Stepp immortalized by Great Moments In Journalism, still desperately needs to get laid. [Gawker]

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