Remainders: Can't Escape the Cicadas

Designs on the White House wants your t-shirt designs in eight categories, including "Most likely to be featured on Queer Eye." [Designs on White House]

Open letter to the cicadas: "To the little fucker who dive bombed me on my way to lunch. You retarded, blind, little shit. You flew into the back of my ear while I was crossing the street! People laughed and pointed while I had, what looked like, an epileptic seizure. Bitch." [Craigslist]

Gore's MoveOn speech: Breakdown or "the latest iteration of Gore’s never-ending quest for a personality"? [Outside the Beltway]

Single Muslim seeks. . . "I am a: One-eyed hook-handed hate preacher, Residence: Finsbury Park, Interested in: beating meeting women, For: walks along the beach, romantic dinners, Holy War." [Tim Blair]

"Anyone who has an experience level, say, of watching a few episodes of Law and Order or playing a few rounds of Who Stole the Cookie From the Cookie Jar can tell that Ahmad Chalabi is a liar." [Electablog]


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