• Generous Israeli army always calls before they bomb a house, and will even follow up with a "my bad" call if they meant they're going to bomb the other Abdul on your block.

    [Jerusalem Post]

  • Chinese grad students now working on classified projects for the Pentagon, ostensibly because they'll work for fifteen cents a day and no bathroom breaks. Also, American grad students too stupid.

    [ News.com]

  • Republican Congressman Pete McCloskey now supports Democrats, faces silent treatment from parents and children.

    [Seeing The Forest]

  • The main problem with Hillary Clinton is, "It's hard to find many images of her breasts."


  • Howard Dean mentions Katherine Harris, saying, "she is not Stalin." Harris demands apology.


  • U.S. military not really worried about armageddon anymore, yell "ollie ollie oxen free!" to employees living in Colorado mountain since 1961.

    [Denver Post]

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