• The DCCC is so committed to the environment they're recycling stock photos and a Bill Clinton quote for America's "new direction." [DCCC]

  • Rahm Emanuel hates Blake Gottesman as much as you do. [K Street Blues]

  • Also, just like you, Vladimir Putin thinks, "shot a man in the face," is a punch line that doesn't get old. [Mother Jones]

  • Jon Stewart is unfazed by the possibility that expanding his empire will dilute the brand. [Gawker]

  • Mark "Tool-y" is so far to the right he makes Genghis Kahn look like, "Ted Kennedy in a pot haze after a James Taylor concert." [Evangelical Right]

  • If "She-Jack's" office was in a gilded crystal spire in the sky it would still feel like a dungeon. [The Hill]

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