Remainders: Drink Up Edition

1. Craigslister says, "I will remain celibate before dating DC men." (It's not like their votes would count anyways.) [Craigslist]

2. Winds of Change raising money to send bottles (yes, mulitple) of Johnny Walker to Christopher Hitchens. In related news: We're raising money to send coals to Newcastle, Twinkies to Michael Moore. [Winds of Change]

3. Temper, temper: "Apparently O'Reilly does not like being called 'the pot.'" [The Nation]

4. Stupid, but effective: "What places in Illinois are you looking forward to campaign in? Ditka: Decatur . . . Favorite existentialist phrase? Ditka: Dasein. . . Favorite artistic movement? Ditka: Dada." Ah, what might have been. [The Corsair]

5. "Son of a mill worker. . . " DRINK! [Mitch in Wonderland]


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