Games for young conservatives: Risk/Balderdash. "Risk all as you move with impunity to achieve world domination. Then, make up all kinds of crazy shit afterwards to justify what you did." [Mr. Sun]

Bradgelina moving to Dupont? [Hollywood Rag, HomeVisit]

Pat Robertson of the Hail Satan Network. [Conspiracy Planet]

It distresses us that someone is using "Gang of 500" in a completely unironic or sarcastic way. That it is James Carville does not help. [Chronicle of Higher Education]

Jean Schmidt called Jack Murtha a coward on the floor of the House because a Marine asked her to. Only he didn't. [Cincinnati Enquirer]

"Martin Bashir will not be allowed to wear black leather pants on 'New Nightline' when he debuts as one of the 'Nightline Three' on Nov. 28." Whew. [WP]


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