Remainders: Give 'em the Shaft Edition

Mary Carey: "I was told that they had people ready to tackle me if I tried to get close to [President Bush]...Republicans can party almost as much as porn stars...I was getting propositions to have threesomes with wives or mistresses, I was offered money from oil tycoons...I am a fully converted Republican now." [C & L]

"According to the results of an extensive FBI wiretap, Americans overwhelmingly support the Patriot Act..." [Swift Report]

Sex education or spiritual warfare? Only Pastor Ted knows for sure: "But if you use the spear tip and the shaft together, you'll have a powerful weapon." [The Toilet Paper]

Wonk'd! An operative reports: "I went out for a cigarette around 4PM on Tuesday, and when I walked back into the Hart building and hit the 'UP' button for the elevator...I was met with a surprise. Angelina Jolie strode out of the elevator, accompanied by a couple of contented-looking Capitol Police. She is a little bit shorter than you think she is, and (infuriatingly, some might say) - looks exactly the way she looks in her movies, or better. She wore a very business-like white suit, and was perfectly coiffed. Not sure who she was visiting, but I have a hard time believing that any Senator

declines when Ms. Jolie's rep calls up and asks about the schedule."

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