Remainders: Hard to Feel Sorry for Edition

In a survey of those with more than $10 million of assets, "29% say 'having a lot of money brings more problems than it solves.'" Fortunately, they're still really fucking rich. [TaxProf]

Howie Kurtz's appears in Stern clip reel, says "my life is complete." And he didn't even appear with strippers. []

Gawker advises the media to lay off of Tucker Carlson's bow tie. Rather, "Let's make fun of his tussled, boyish hair that screams 'I make millions, but mom still gives me haircuts using a bowl!'" [Gawker]

O'Reilly puts mouth where mouth is and agrees to appear in tsunami relief telethon. [E! Online]

Fourth graders want to make Ohio officially red. Barbara Boxer to protest. []


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