* Marsha Blackburn is voted "hottest woman in politics." It's good to know that all the money DeLay's PAC gave Marsha went to the makeup counter at Saks. [Politics 1]

* Everyone at West Point's graduation this weekend was shocked to learn that Norman Schwarzkopf is, in fact, still alive. [Open All Night]

* Hank Paulson thinks the U.S. should sign the Kyoto Protocol. [Think Progress]

* Oh, and his wife is a big fan of Hillary. [Capital Eye]

* Americans were relieved to learn that the possibility of an electrified border fence was only to keep out Mexican immigrants. Tequila and methamphetamine will still pass freely. [The Satirical Political Report]

* If you haven't pre-ordered your copy of Ann Coulter's new book, then get your pinko-commie ass over to Amazon, and get 'er done! [Fact-Esque]


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