Remainders: He Said "Dick." Huh-huh Edition

Someone else reads what other people say about reading what other people say about listening to Air America so you don't have to. [Radio Weisblogg]

Yes, yes. "Colin and Dick." We're so happy you think of us whenever politics give rise (huh-huh) to a Beavis moment. Thanks again to the 538 people who sent this link. [CNN]

Compassionate conservatism shows its colors. Color. Whatever. []

OK, we are sort of picking of a theme here. Colin Powell on serving the president: "We understand one another. I know what he wants and I work every day . . . trying to give him what he wants." [USAT]

Veep-O-Matic 2004 [WP]

Oh, why stop now? Derbyshire: "The second-rate great man is on his knees to other men, like Whitman." [NRO]


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