• Under no circumstances, in this world or another, has Joe Biden ever been, "brown and down." [Love and Haterade]

  • A glass of water, the right size buns, and a little time for digestion would be all it takes to "liquidate" the North Korean nuclear program. [SFGate]

  • Vladimir Putin touches young boys, "like a kitten," but the question remains: hot or not? [Things That Make You Go "Hmm"]

  • He may touch children with the soft pad of his paw, but the economies of the European Union will feel the full power of his one-dimensional petrochemical based economic leverage, er, claw. [Andrew Sullivan]

    Accusations of plagiarism faced by Ann Coulter may go unsubstantiated as man hired to find proof is afraid to, "make my eyes bleed." [Galley Cat]

  • The sandy beaches are calling you Justice Stevens - heed them, please. [Southern Appeal]

  • Easy-E rolls over in his grave as gangs resort to blogging their threats: "Your page views ain't shit bitch, you gettin' blasted." [Wired]

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