Remainders: If Kerry Would Actually Campaign It Would Be Easier To Mock Him Edition

"Dear Neal: It's my second week here at the Richard Perle Academy, and I've never been happier." Raul writes the World's Greatest Living Author. []

"Dubya's entire press conference of 4/14/04, stripped away of all non-essential bits." [WFMU]

"Friedman was wearing brown suede pennyloafers, a red and blue horizontally striped shirt, wrinkled khaki shorts and, oddly enough, awkward-looking skin-tone knee-high socks." [The Washington Oculus]

"Otherwise respectable journalists spend two hours running from suite to suite . . . looking for the stars, cameras in hand and their self-respect left hanging in the coatroom." Last thing ever about the WHCD. Promise. (Until next year.) [TMN]

"Rumsfeld's Rules" and Iraqi abuse photos: Some unfortunate juxtapositions. [low culture]


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