* The Washington Wire's sense of humor isn't dead after all; it's just very badly burned. [WSJ]

* Seems like the righteous application of blog-pressure got Garrett to confirm his leap out of the FishBowl. Now the question is: Who can fill his shoes, er, his baseball cap? [Fishbowl DC; Big Head Rob]

* Telecom companies and internet service providers, blah blah, web content producers and users, blah, this whole net neutrality thing was totally boring -- until we started reading the comments to Mike McCurry's latest post. [HuffPo]

* The two-month-old janitors' strike at the University of Miami has ended. Reports that Donna Shalala caved after noticing all the dust on her crystal chandelier are unconfirmed. [SEIU]

* Bush can sing the national anthem in English or in Spanish, but pandering is the international language. [Think Progress]


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