Remainders: Jenna Bush Encounters Wine

· Your daily Jenna Bush report from an operative: "Spotted Jenna canoodling with Harry in Sideways at the Georgetown Loews Theater. They saw "Sideways"-- which given her penchant for alcoholism seems like an appropriate choice."

· The differences between Washington Times and the new Examiner get analyzed in great detail. The challenge facing the Examiner: "How can you hope to compete with the queen of pointless lifestyle stories, Jen Waters?" [Why I Hate DC]

· Bush concerned with military's "quality of units." Mmm, me too. [Recess-time]

· NBA star Rasheed Wallace doesn't have [shit] to say to Bush. [Detroit Free Press]

· Appelbee's spews "flair" on Baghdad military dining hall. This is the sort of travesty that happens when you don't want gays in your military, people. On the plus side: "It's not like a prison anymore," says soldier. [KC InfoZine]


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