Remainders: Just Like Every White House Correspondent Sings Her Sad, Sad Song...

* We are apparently, to our embarassment, way behind with this FEMA Rap thing. And dammit, he was underpaid. [RidingSun]

* Here's Helen Thomas with a shitload of roses. Because she finally goaded Bush into admitting that his entire administation has been a failure and that he's personally responsible for a number of war crimes. Or because she finally got a chance to actually ask him a question, which he easily dodged. We don't remember which, tell you the truth. [DemUnderground]

* Yesterday was the anniversary of the day John Hinkley shot an old guy. We didn't write anything about it because we, unlike VH1, hate the '80s. But here you go, here's a thing about it. []

* Look, Media Matters -- we do like you. We think this piece is hysterical! And very important for the discourse or something. [MMFA]


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