Remainders: Low Expectations Edition

The ultimate Craigslist appeal: "I'm told that I look like Dan Abrahams [sic] on MSNBC/Court TV." [Craigslist]

"A political system that encourages legacies is hilarious." Jon Stewart on the 109th Congress. [One Good Move]

"Gonzales stated in the interest of national security, code words were used in an effort to thwart enemy intelligence. Gonzales claimed the phrase 'jumper cables affixed to the genitals' actually meant 'no dessert.'" [American Idle]

Bush admires Gonzales because he overcame "potential disadvantages, [and] he sees himself as having done that.” Wonders Will Bunch, "Which "potential disadvantages" would those be? Born into a family of Wall Street and oil field millionaires? Grandson of a U.S. senator?" [Campaign Extra]


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