• ABC News is convinced that foreign diplomats in the US are the most passive-aggressive people on the planet. [The Blotter]

  • Congress to Smithsonian: eat shit and die. [LA Times]

  • Mojo Nixon campaigns in Texas, "If your state don't have Kinky Friedman, than your state could use some votin'." [Mojo Nixon]

  • The 2006 federal budget deficit is just barely out of medal contention. [Think Progress]

  • The exact price Chris Matthews will pay for transparent knowledge of your soul. [Fishbowl DC]

  • College Democrats are sure that you can't raise money for something unless you dress like a five-dollar hooker. [Truth Caucus]

  • Controversy at HUD! Agency only hires women with first names ending in "ee"! Some are cute, some are felons! [The Smoking Gun]

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