We plan to celebrate the subjugation of the Native American peoples by knocking off early to toss back some gin while laying on diseased blankets. Hope this extra-big remainders grab-bag tides you over.

Conservative foundation money infiltrating northeastern colleges. [BP]

Surprise, surprise: Hillary has Hollywood support (DeNiro, Fonda, Streisand). [NYDN]

"'Apply' now to secure a lucrative career both decrying and luxuriating in the spoils of Big Government! No experience necessary!" [CronyJobs.com]

Indiana to mandate fucking. [Radosh.net]

Stephen Colbert's new show to rely on blogs for news: He will rely on far-flung "citizen journalists" to give him the news. . . "Those reports will invariably be shoddily produced, poorly reported and sloppily edited." [WP]

Everyone hates Judy. [Gawker]

What does James Dobson know about Harriet Miers and will he go to jail to protect who told him? [NYT]

The Daily Set without Jon Stewart tours America. [Moan.tv]

Completely insane theories as to what the Kerry documentary should have been about. [Open All Night, second item]


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