* It's too bad that this NYP Tammy/Tammy NYP character -- the 17-year-old Singapore schoolgirl who recorded a homemade sex video on her cell phone, which then got stolen (and the rest is history) -- wasn't a Capitol Hill or White House intern. Searches for her sex video have been straddling the top of Technorati for days. [Dream Logic; Technorati]

* Avian flu? What a joke! What we really need to worry about is "White House reporter syndrome." (Actually, as bloggers, a lack of press credentials immunizes us against this dread disease.) [NRO; NYT]

* Malcolm Gladwell now has a blog. [gladwell.com via Gawker]

* Michelle Malkin hearts Huckabee (for the most part). [Michelle Malkin]

* Okay, we lied, this last item is somewhat related to the Dubai ports controversy: President Bush's approval rating has reached an all-time low of 34 percent. [CBS News via Daily Kos]sex video tammy tammy tammy nyp nyp nyp tammy tammy tammy sex video.JPGtammy nyp tammy nyp tammy nyp tammy nyp sex video sex video sex video.JPGnyp tammy nyp tammy nyp tammy nyp tammy sex video sex video sex video.JPGTammynyp tammynyp sex video download here.JPG


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