Remainders: Sorry If It's Less Funny Today Edition

1. GOP convention goers might think about avoiding Guiliani's restaurant picks. Rudy: "Located in the meatpacking district, this 'old fashioned' steak house is a long time favorite." Department of Health: "Live animal present in food storage, preparation, or service area." [Villiage Voice]

2. Scott Sforza, Head of Productions, White House Studios: "It's exciting to hear we're buying the rights to a new war picture, even if sellthrough on the last one is underperforming in both domestic and foreign." []

3. Alex Kerry, proving she has what it takes to be a first daughter: "I’ll need to become addicted to some drug... if I want to survive this campaign." [Political Wire]

4. Someone's hiring: "We’re also on the prowl for insider’s insiders — columnists who can get the juicy D.C. gossip and make it a must-read for the power elite and those who aspire to power." If you get the job, please tell us how you do this! [MediaBistro]

5. Bill O'Reilly, spelling bee champ: "The left wingers on the radio were saying Edwards was born in Bethlehem and is very near the baby Jesus. Now I ask you, how much of this bilge, B-I-L-G-E, bilge, can we take?" [FoxNews via LowCulture]


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