Remainders: Suck on This Edition

1. Why the FMA was supposed to fail: "Losing is prima facie evidence that the basic conservative claim is true: that the country is run by liberals; that the world is unfair; that the majority is persecuted by a sinister elite. And that therefore you, my red-state friend, had better get out there and vote as if your civilization depended on it." [NYT]

2. Illinois senate candidate a Wonkette reader? "'I know you like it big and meaty,' Barthwell allegedly told him when commenting on the pieces of cake being 'moist' and 'beefy.'" [Chicago Sun-Times]

3. Who says it's Hollywood for ugly people? Natalie Portman sure looks psyched to be with Hillary Clinton spokeguy Phillippe Reines. . . []

4. National Review's John Derbyshire and Jonah Goldberg: Both Mary-Kates!! "OMG Jonah, this is like totally INCREDIBLE!" (Gotta be code for something right?) [NRO]

5. "Dip into," "blow breaks," and "mouth candy": A Fox News lexicon. [Five o'clock bot]


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