Remainders: That's the Way the Pillar of Salt Crumbles Edition

Translating The Hill: "The Capital Club has never allowed women to join but welcomes them to parties with open arms (so to speak)." Wink. Wink. Did I mention I want to have their babies? Oh, ok. [Swamp City]

Lisa de Moraes on Nightline's roll call of fallen soldiers: "[O]therwise we might be left thinking that Friday's broadcast, which ABC will simulcast on its Jumbotron in New York's Times Square, is a cheap, content-free stunt designed to tug at our heartstrings and bag a big number on the second night of the May ratings race." [WP]

Is John Kerry a douche bag? Sound of Kerry: "Monotone, creaky." Sound of douche bag: "[A] warm summer evening." [Ramblings]

Not that you're hungry now, but: D.C. restaurant closings [ via Julian Sanchez, who wants you to know that this doesn't make him a bad Libertarian]

We scare George Packer: "[The thought that the republic is perched atop 'Kicking Ass: Daily Dispatches From the DNC,' let alone such pillars of salt as, frankly makes me nervous." As it should! [Mother Jones]


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