* Our good friends at CEI have a new video calling out "Ramblin' Man" Al Gore for his massive use of petrochemicals. Drudge, of course, eats it up. [CEI; Drudge Report]

* It's like when someone leaves a nasty voicemail and you make that your outgoing message, so they get even more pissed when they call back -- except with a blog. [Aravosisblog]

* William Jefferson: not quite as smart as Hannibal Lecter. [Zulkey]

* If he was even as smart as a 13-year-old kid, he'd have stashed the cash in something like this. [Shomer-Tec]

* Yes, the entire legal-political blog complex is run by middle school children. Pppbbbsssttt! [From The Desk of Patrick Fitzgerald]

* Wilder Valderrama is single-handedly setting mixed-race people of indeterminate ethnicity back 20 years. [Campus Progress]

* Minnesota must be more of a bizzaro world then we thought if a college football team captain is against birth control. [Star Tribune]


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