Remainders: The Newly Dry Market For Peach Schnapps

* Bush twins unemployment index goes to zero at the same time the Bush twins in DC index goes to zero. Saddest possible trombone plays a solo for every bar owner in Georgetown. [Fresh Politics]

* A guy who gives redneck mayors of small hick towns a bad name. [The Smoking Gun]

* Orrin Hatch may love the red, white, and blue, but comedian Bill Hicks sure doesn't -- and he'll tell you all about it. [WFMU]

* More pundit-on-reporter smack talk! Talk show host Melanie Morgan wants to send Bill Keller to the gas chamber, advocates Reporto-pundicide! [Andrew Sullivan]

* Rep Jeff Flake prefers his lady friends call him "the peppermint mustang." [Washington Wire]

* A primer on photographing fireworks. Sadly, no tips on what to do about the way your thumb always slips over the lens after you've finished the flask you managed to slip by the park police. [Digital Photography School]


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