Is Condi gay?!?!?!?!??! Only the National Enquirer knows for sure. But we refuse to subscribe to find out. So much better to imagine... mmmm.... [National Enquirer]

Bush lurves Tina's gams. [AP]

"Velcro Veep" bounces off me and sticks on you. [USAT]

Wal-mart opposition has "bamboo" in the lobby. Yeah, yeah.... "bamboo." [USAT]

Condi Rice's media guy. (Ask him about the gay!) Brilliant about image, total cheapskate on the minibar. [NYT]

C-SPAN totally biased! On "Washington Journal," "just 3 percent were women of color." Well fuck. [FAIR]

Washington has a gap between the "haves and the haves-power." But we have awesome boots. [WP]

"I'M HOME FROM HAVING A COLONOSCOPY -- everything went fine, but I think I'll let the drugs leave my system for a while longer before doing any serious blogging." Pretty much the definition of TMI. [Instapundit]


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