Remainders: Washington Considered FISA A "Useful Tool"

* America's finest journalists hard at work: "I mean, Wolf Blitzer on "THE SITUATION ROOM" gets a gazillion screens, and I get one crummy screen." [FishbowlDC]

* This just in: Sartre to blame for Europe's declining birth rate, Kierkegaard presumably at fault for this whole cartoon riot thing. [MediaMatters]

* "They're going to have to pry my monkey from my cold, dead hand." [BusinessWeek, Via]

* From the foreign policy desk comes a video that could mean bad news for Chinese-American relations, already strained due to Iran's... fuck it, it's just a funny movie. [Sundance]

* If anyone could help us figure out the "George Washington engaged in electronic wiretapping" defense, we'd greatly appreciate it. We're a little stumped. [WaPo (scroll down)]


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