Remainders: Washington Think Tanks Join Forces To Form "The Obvious Conclusion League of America"

  • CIA confirms it's still the evilest motherfucker on the block by firing DC blogger "Econo-Girl" for a post stating, "torture is wrong." [Econo-Girl]

  • The Brookings Institute focuses the full intellect of their army of PhDs and comes up with "it sucks to be poor." [NYT]

  • Cynthia McKinney and Cindy Sheehan: who got served? [Sweetness & Light]

  • Web-editors of Hezbollah's official website live in fear that one day they will forget to put "Israel " in quotation marks, and find an envelope on their desks with more than a pink slip in it. []

  • Annoying Emergency Broadcast System "beeeeep" to be replaced by whatever annoying ringtone you happen to be using. Which actually might not be a bad idea. [WFMU; The Local]

  • Why does the government spend so much money? You gotta pander to win. []

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