* A new study suggests Homeland Security staffers spend workday trolling for porn. Fortunately, they have 72 hours to get a retroactive warrant [Sploid]

* There's a new blogger on the beat at why.i.hate.dc -- unlike us, he got his job by winning a contest, and unlike us, he'll presumably still be on the job next week [why.i.hate.dc]

* Jackoff's Red Scorpion gets remixed, Brokeback Mountain style, and makes it onto ifilm's viral videos. [teddysternmedia via ifilm]

* Arianna vs. Tim Russert: the smackdown continues [ HuffPo, FireDogLake]

* Family planning, Texas-style: the most fun you can have with a Bible and an examination table [Austin Chronicle]

* Mike Wise is the new Kornheiser [Washingtonian]

* Bush vs. camera, in case you missed Jon Stewart last night [WaPo, TVNewser]

* Twenty-five liberal bloggers sell out to the Netherlands Board of Tourism and Conventions, sign up for junket to Holland. Bad timing dudes, Cannabis Cup is in November! [National Journal, Bloggers in Amsterdam] - AMBITIOUS HECKLER


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