Remainders: "You're Not A TV person, Ed" Edition

NBC, Fox, and CBS all cancel "Prime-time President Live!" before the end of the first episode. [AP]

Bush Administration still doing everything it can to invent new metaphor to explain its inability to affect gas prices. [Think Progress]

Wonk'd! An operative shares: "So I just saw Jenna - about a 45 min ago....minutes before her Dad's big speech....and you won't believe where. First, I spotted her hottie of a boyfriend in a brand new green Saab....anyhow Jenna was coming out of my TANNING salon in Arlington. I guess getting a good tan is more important to her than social security....The workers inside even confirmed it was her."

TIVO alert: Matt Drudge on C-SPAN Friday morning at 8 AM Eastern. Jeff Gannon on HBO's Real Time With Bill Maher at 11 PM.


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